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Eww. You Haven't Washed Your Hair?!

Hair washing tips

How long is OK to not wash your hair?

I used to think it was like not okay to not wash your hair after going for a run or a doing a workout at the gym. I thought actions like that would have you looked at funny or even sniffed at funny... Because of this I would literally be washing my hair like 4-5 times a week during my weeks when I was being very good with my exercise regimes (okayyy this obviously wasn't every week). But basically my hair would be so used to being washed all the time, it would be feeling greasy within a day. I'd wash my hair in the morning, and by that evening it would feel dirty. I think my hair started to become dependent on me washing it all the time, apparently you can actually wash your hair too much - which is obviously what I was doing.

The convo came up at work where I then asked my colleagues - What do I do?! I'm in some awful situation now where I need to wash my hair every day and don't know how to get out of the cycle and even more so can I really go without washing my hair after working out? Apparently the answer is a big fat YES. 

It is possible, I've successfully started to drop my hair washes to 3 times a week... I'm saying that as though it's a good thing, but even now when I admit that I feel people are going to think...ergh/ew! But anyway, there are some struggles I'm coming across, and also some tips I think I've stumbled upon too;

1. By day two your hair will not feel as clean as it would have if you had just washed it - obvious I know, but I was still shocked by the non clean feeling...so just warning ya. Oh and it gets worse by day 3. 

2. Dry Shampoo is your best friend.

3. Use dry shampoo before a workout. This definitely isn't proven, but I found it sort of helps with how your hair looks after the workout.

4. Buy a shower cap! I never owned one of these before, but you so need one of these. It's hard work having a shower or bath whilst trying to keep your hair dry! Here's the link to the one I bought. It's cute!

5. Oh and try and buy a tangle teezer brush, they are so handy and better for your hair when needing to brush it after a sweaty workout! I got mine from Boots here.

6. Try not to tie your hair up too tightly when working out, unless you can keep your hair up after the workout, you'll have kinks galore. Or plait your hair instead, it also leaves a nice wave or as I call it 'mermaid hair' style when you take it out after. 

7. When applying your daily spritz of perfume, spray some in your hair too. I know dry shampoo keeps it fresh, but it's better to be safe ;)

8. Keep a brush and some dry shampoo handy in your bag with you, just in case of emergencies when out and about.

9. Make the most of your hair when it's not squeaky clean and try some new hairstyles, you'll be amazed at what different up-dos you can do when your hair's not overly soft!

That's all from me for the moment, if you've more tips for me please tell!

Nb - I would also like to add here that I do still wash every day lol, it's just my hair that misses out now (sorry hair). 

MR x


Visit Cirque du Soleil

My visit to Amaluna - The latest from Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil - OMG..WOW.. If you've never been to see Cirque du Soleil, buy tickets now. I bought my boyfriend tickets to the latest one (called Amaluna) after we went to one two years ago and fell in love with it. We were not disappointed this time around either... It was mesmerising - yes that word is needed, because it was.

For those of you that don't know what Cirque du Soleil is, I'd probably just Google it because it's really hard to explain and my explanation that I'm about to give, probably isn't clear or correct. It's a type of human circus with some insane gymnastics and full of people who do things that you just wouldn't think are possible, but make it look so easy and fascinating. It's nothing weird, it's more like art. Either way - it's amazing!

I believe they tour across the whole world performing and we saw this performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We had awesome seats, we were in the first row like straight on to the stage (row 1, seat 60 and 61 for anyone going). It was just so good! I want to go again.

I didn't get any photos when they were performing, I don't know if it's allowed or not and I also didn't want to risk my flash going off but I did try to get some photos of London before we went in. However I have a new lense (thanks Mama) and I think it's fair to say I can't bloody use it at all at the minute, or it just wasn't the right type of lense to take the photos I wanted to that evening.

If you want to get tickets to watch Cirque du Soleil Amaluna you can get them from the site here. I think the tickets I got were around £70 each. Worth it for a special occasion (mine was for a Christmas present to Max).

Tell me if you go or what you thought of Amaluna if you've already been before.

Show at Royal Albert Hall

Exhibition Road London

Prince Consort Road London

MR x

Visit Vienna

Vienna in two days

Birthday Surprise

This trip was way back in September but I've been rubbish on my blog lately so apologies for the lack of information - I can't remember the minor details. All I remember is that is was an amazing trip and I wanted to share some pics!

Anyway, my boyfriend surprised me on my birthday with a trip to Vienna! How amazing is that! He booked it through Expedia, for anyone interested in going and I believe he got it for a really good price. It was for 2 nights for 2 people, and the price included the hotel (with breakfast) and the flights. The hotel was SO nice although the shower was in the bedroom... like visible from the bed (weirdos). 

As it was a while ago now I can't really remember the details of all the things we did, so anyone looking for some good tips on going to Vienna, sorry - you won't find it here. The weather was awful when we were there too, so even the photos aren't that great. Basically, apologies to anyone coming across this, I just wanted to share the photos I took, otherwise they'll just be sitting in a folder on my Macbook!

We managed to fit lots in the two days

We also managed to do a lot in the time we were there. The palace was my best bit, and we travelled to all the sights and museums by metro - we bought a 2 day travel card I think! (It seems so long ago now).

Lady in Yellow

Vienna Museum

Visit Vienna

Hotels in Vienna

Vienna Metro

Vienna Cathedral

Something you need to do if you visit

If you do get to visit Vienna, grab a slice of their traditional cake - Sachertorte. It's a beautiful rich chocolate cake with an apricot jam layer and it's beautiful. I had three slices in the two days we were there...


Vienna Palace

MR x 
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